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-Frequently Asked Questions-

1. Do I have to do an application before scheduling a showing? 
Yes! That is the first step in our rental process. 


2. Why do I have to do an application first? 

We require the application first so we can review it to see if you are "pre-qualified" before setting up a showing. It is a time saver for all! 


3. How do I submit my application online? 

It's easy! Click the "Rental Application" button on the homepage; when it opens, 

you can simply type right over the top and fill it all in. Once you're done, save it as a new PDF. 

Then attach it in an email to us!


4.  What is your application process once I've submitted my application? 

Once we receive your application, it typically takes 1-2 business days for review, and then we'll be in touch with you to ask any further questions and/or to set up a showing. 


5. What towns do you serve? 

We serve Bucksport, Orland, Prospect, Stockton Springs, Orland, 

Verona Island, Orrington, Brewer, Bangor, Orono and Old Town. 


6. Do your properties allow pets? 

It all depends on the property and the owner's preference. 

All rentals do accept CSA and ESA regardless if pets are allowed or not. 


7. Do you accept vouchers/Section 8? 

Yes! We do accept vouchers. The rental process is the same, so we still need a rental 

application and qualification still applies. 


8. Where do you advertise your rentals? 

Here, of course! We also advertise on TurboTenant, Zumper, Facebook, 

Instagram, and more! 


9. How can I follow you to see what is new? 

We frequently post new rentals, updates, and much more on our Facebook & Instagram! 


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